Third Month Home

3rd Month Week 1:

This week when we are doing your “sit-ups” (exercises to help you pull to sit that we have been doing for the past 2 months) you are starting to help by engaging your muscles.  We have to practice these sit-ups with every diaper change.  We finally got to transition you to your Britax backwards facing convertible car seat this week.  We were just about to transition you to it the week that you got hurt since you were outgrowing your infant seat.  We couldn’t use it when you came home from the hospital though since you were unable to hold your own head up.  We had to use your infant carrier with lots and lots of towels supporting your head.  It is finally after 2 months of recovery and exercises that you are strong enough to use your new seat.  You also aren’t requiring folded towels around you in your highchair either anymore to keep you propped up.


3rd Month Week2:

You had a stuffy nose this week.  You aren’t focusing or tracking well with your eyes.  Later we would find out that when children have brain injuries that any time their systems are compromised (sick, tired, etc) that their vision can be off (eyes wander or not focus) and their balance can be affected.   You started to sign “light” this week!  This is our first sign that we have seen from you.  We are hoping that you will use baby sign language like your big brother did when he was a little guy.  You aren’t babbling constants much anymore, no ma-ma or da-da.  However you are making a “heh heh heh” noise.  You will mimic this noise if we do this to you.  You are starting to try to use your left hand.  You picked up a binkie with your left hand and passed it to you right hand.


3rd Month Week3:

You had your checkup with your eye specialist.  Your right eye hemorrhage is almost resolved.  You still aren’t tracking very well to the left.  You started to babble again…da-da, ba-ba.   We are working on side sitting exercises.  This week you were able to side sit for 5 seconds without support.  You like to play with your “fish bowl” toy.  You are picking up balls out of it and dropping them in.  You even picked up a ball out of the bowl with your right hand and transferred it to you left hand to hold.   The weather this week has been very nice.  You like to cruise around outside in your stroller.  Your ever faithful companion, Skye, is never far from you.


3rd Month Week4:

You still can’t sit in a shopping cart basket yet without lots of blankets on one side of you and the diaper bag on the other.  It is tough shopping.  You get tired trying to hold yourself up even with the blankets for support. Many times I just try to carry you and push the cart.  No easy task since you are almost 21 lbs. and don’t have much muscle control.   The first couple of weeks after we transitioned you to your new car seat, I would take the infant carrier with us to use in the stores, but now you are too big for your infant carrier.

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