Fourth Month Home


Summary of Liam’s 4th month home from the hospital:
This month Liam worked super hard in therapy to strengthen himself by doing belly, sitting, and standing exercises. He is working hard to strengthen and regain control of every muscle and to sharpen his cognitive skills. Night time sleep is still really broken. He got four teeth this month which could attribute to some of the sleep problems. At least we were hoping that was the problem. But seeing how we still have sleep issues, I don’t think it was. As you will notice most of what is written in these log summaries are victories and accomplishments for Liam. When I wrote this log, I wrote the positive stuff…stuff that would help us keep faith and keep moving forward. There is a lot of hardship and bad every day, week and month, but these journals do not dwell on that facet of the injury and recovery. They try to stay positive and see the good and the strength of this amazing child, our son.

4th Month Week 1
We went to playgroup at the RESD for the first time. Your OT and PT were there. You were actually so busy looking around that you were quiet with your legs and body. That enabled you to side sit for a minute without my support. And during circle time you sat unassisted for a minute! So you can do it for small amounts of time, if we could just keep you quiet. We were worried that we couldn’t be able to quiet your legs since you seem to be constantly kicking them. This gave us hope. You love to play patty cake (with help from mom and dad) with your brother, Tommy. Everything he does with you makes you smile. You started pulling a cloth off of your head when we played peek-a-boo with you. Two days after you did this for the first time, I gently held your right hand down and you used your left hand to pull the cloth off. You are having a bit of trouble opening and grabbing properly with your left hand, but you are getting it.

4th Month Week 2
We are working on strengthening exercises such as standing, but since you have lacked strength and coordination, every time we hold you in a stand, you bounce. This week you stood next to the coffee table with support without bouncing for the first time. You are getting better weight bearing on straight arms while on hands and knees. We do lots and lots of exercises with you on your hands and knees supported. It is hard work for you. We have to keep you super distracted so you don’t get mad and quit. You have to have a bit of support near your hips, but you are taking a lot of the weight yourself. During PT this week, you reached across with your left hand to pull at your sock on your right foot. Cross midline and with your left hand! You lasted the whole time in the shopping cart basket without getting tired. I had Tommy’s sweatshirt next to you on your right side, but no other support. You couldn’t hold yourself up that way a week ago.

4th Month Week 3
Mom left you alone for the 1st time with Dad since you have been home from the hospital to take a CPR class . You did great with dad, but mom was a basket case. This week you started sitting unsupported for a minute or two. Mom and Dad still have to keep their arms circled around you at a distance just in case you lose your balance. Later in the week you are able to kick and grab at toys while sitting without falling all the time.

4th Month Week 4
You are experimenting with sounds. You are starting to say “ma ma ma” again. You make “fish lip” noises, which you will copy if we do it to you. Now you imitate the following noises: tongue click, fish lip, and blowing. When I had my cold every time I blew my nose you would make blowing sounds. You are starting to anticipate things such as a car rolled down a cardboard tube. We did this in OT and you figured it out pretty quick and tried to put a toy in the tube yourself. You anticipated the toy coming out the other end. You also anticipate when someone is playing a tickling game. You are rolling everywhere with purpose now to investigate everything from the window pulls to the zipper on your big brother’s couch. Still not crawling yet, but you will scoot your butt up in the air. And sometimes you have your arms straight. You just haven’t done both on your own yet.

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