Fifth Month Home

More and more therapy this month with your PT, OT and teacher.   You are starting to drink from your sippy cup better.  You actually are sucking on it instead of just chewing on it.  You picked up some cheese sandwich with your left hand and got it in your mouth.  Still not using pincer grasp yet.  You turned 1 year old this month — Happy Birthday Liam!!!!   You had PT this morning.  Your therapist is really happy with your pivoting.    You still need a pillow behind you when you sit by yourself, but you are getting better with your protective reflexes.   She is rating you at the 7/7.5 month level.  So you are making good progress.  Towards the end of the month, you are almost crawling.  You get your butt way up in the air and reach, reach, reach with your arms.  You are scooting on your stomach in a straight line towards a desired toy.  You rode your pony Weatherby today.  You seemed to like it.  We have heard great things about Hippotherapy (horse therapy) for improving balance and cognitive ability.  We hope it helps.  You started holding your hand up for High Five.  You don’t slap back, but you get a huge grin when we High Five you.  You are still mimicking me when I blow my nose by making blowing noises (yup 3rd time sick for me in three weeks).  You will hold your hand to your mouth to do Indian noises if we do it.  You are getting a little better at your army crawl. You are still not holding your belly up.  You love to find the remote and steal it from Tommy.  In fact we are using the remote to entice you to try to crawl.  You still have quite a bit of weakness on your left side.  You are getting around the living really well using a combination of a struggling army crawl, pivoting and rolling.  Still can’t keep shoes or socks on you…you pull them off.  Last Wednesday at baseball you were on your belly and you got up on hands and knees by yourself for a couple seconds.  When I lift you from lying down I have you “help” by propping and using your opposite arm and belly muscles.  You still aren’t pulling up yet.

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