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Month 6 Week 1

You are getting around pretty good with a combination of a couple of army crawl steps, rolls and pivots, although you find pivoting and rolling easier and quicker.  We are trying to keep you from rolling by having you crawl through a tube to get at a prized toy or the remote.   This is hard work for you so we have to us something very enticing in the tube.      When you play, especially with your brother Tommy, you squeal loudly.

You are eating pretty good.  You like almost everything you try.  Yesterday you had Doritos for the first time and liked them.  You can sit for long periods of time unassisted.  However, you don’t worry about falling so you will throw yourself backwards sometimes.  We can’t leave you sitting by yourself for this reason.  We are hoping this throw yourself backwards thing is a phase that you are doing on purpose, not because of balance or cognitive/sensory issue.  You will play ball with your dad or Tommy by pushing a ball back and forth to them.

Today you got up on hands/knees by yourself for a second.  You look like you are also trying to get from laying to sitting.   When we enter/leave a room I have you turn on/off the lights.  You aren’t signing back.  But you will try to swat at the switch and them you look at the light.  So I know you understand what I am saying.  You just haven’t quite figured out how the switch exactly works or you are lacking the coordination to hit it efficiently

Month 6 Week2

You had a follow up appointment in Ann Arbor with your eye specialist.  Your pediatrician had noticed that you didn’t like your left eye covered up so we scheduled an extra eye appointment with your eye doctor.  The eye specialist said your eyes are better than when he saw you in three months ago.  The hemorrhages in both eyes have resolved.   Your left eye is definitely stronger than your right due to the right hemorrhage taking longer to resolve.  Your brain got used to only using the left eye and is neglecting your right eye.  The eye specialist was very pleased and surprised that our pediatrician noticed this difference.   So we are going to try patching (covering your left eye) for 2 hours a day to give your right eye a chance to get stronger and catch up.  The first time you wore your eye patch on your left eye for 2 hours you were a bit fussy for a bit, but overall you weren’t that bothered by it.  You actually seemed to see pretty well out of your right eye.  You rode your Jeep walker around the kitchen and picked letter magnets off of the refrigerator.   You didn’t try to pull at it or rub it.   This makes us happy for your eye doctor thought that maybe you would really be bothered by it since you may not be seeing all that well out of your right eye.

The last couple days you are really getting up on high, straight arms.  You got up on straight arms, then arched your back and got up on hands and knees all by yourself for a second.   You started waving “Bye Bye” today.    Even if we say “Bye Bye” without waving, you will start to wave.  You are army crawling better and more often now with rolling thrown in.   You made a vroom noise after your brother, Tommy made one.

Month 6 Week 3

Eye patching is still going good.  You aren’t even fussing anymore.  Tried new patches today that had flames on them they are better than your old ones that I was making designs on with a Sharpe marker.  The hardest part now about the patching are all the stares, comments and questions we get when we are out and about.   At least these patches are cute and not creepy looking like the plain tan ones.  Last night you army crawled over the gate entrance to the kitchen, around the kitchen to the sink where I was preparing dinner.

When we did PT this morning you were able to hold hands/knees on your own for a second or two.  You army crawled after the tablet without any rolling.  We have been using the tablet to entice you to crawl.  Then when you got there you tried to get on hands and knees by yourself.  Your physical therapist usually has you in hands and knees while you play the Itsy Bitsy Spider game on the tablet.  You remembered this!

When you took your bath you tried to sit up from laying down 3 times.  I had to hold your leg down to support you and you were able to do it.  Up until this point you mostly would lay on your back for your baths.  You weren’t really into sitting and playing.  Today you played with the foam letters and cups in the tub.

You are definitely getting a mind of you own lately.  If I take something away from you that you were playing with you get really angry.   Or if I set you down or leave you when you think I shouldn’t have, you scream.  Did therapy on Weatherby again today.  You did one more “lap” around the pen compared to yesterday (5 laps).  However, you have decided you do not like your helmet.  You kept tugging at it.  You were clingy today.  You kept army crawling over to me and trying to drag you body up to standing.  For the past week that is all you seem to want to do is stand.  You are pretty unsteady and you only try to pull yourself up using mom or dad.   You’re nap schedule is all over the map and you are skipping naps.  Today you didn’t go to sleep until 10pm.

More Weatherby therapy.  Tommy helped lead this time.  He did great.  You still hate your helmet.  You are becoming a pro at using your slide.  Only took one nap today from 2 – 4pm.  You then stayed up until 10 pm.  You definitely do not want to miss a thing lately.  Figured out that you think waving “Bye Bye” actually means night-night.  So that is why you don’t always wave bye-bye.

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