Tenth Month Home

10th Month Recovery Week1:

You are getting better at your walking attempts. Sometimes you almost walk in a circle trying to get your balance and bearings. When your teacher, was here, you walked about 5 perfect steps from the coffee table into my arms. Then later you walked from the stair gate about 3 feet to the couch all by yourself. You are going to give us a heart attack if you keep this up. You are signing “night night” with your left hand at nap and bed time. When I got your bath ready tonight, you kept signing at the light, so I kept turning it off then on. I then asked you what you wanted to do and you pointed at the tub. We are working hard trying to sign “bath.” You sign “more” occasionally. Later today when you dropped something you said “uh uh” for “uh oh.” You say “deh deh” and hold your arm towards things you want to check out or if you are sitting on the floor you do this because you want someone to hold your hand and walk with you. You always wave at the baby in the mirror.

10th Month Recovery Week2

Mom had a field trip with big brother Tommy so dad was solo with you today. You guys did good today. Last night you woke at about 4:00am crying. It took a while to get you back asleep. You would cry a little and then shake/gasp a little like maybe you were scared. You did this right before bed when dad was rocking you too. Maybe you are having bad dreams? You started throwing things. You like to throw a ball and crawl after it. Recently you started throwing things from your high chair. Once you threw a toy all the way from the living room into the kitchen.

10th Month Recovery Week3

You had your repeat MRI appointment at Detroit Children’s Hospital. You had to fast as usual for the appointment, no food/drink after midnight the night before. The MRI results were good, no new bleeds, still healing from the bleed found last month. They sedated you differently today. You didn’t fuss as much when you were falling asleep, but you had a little trouble in sedation. You were “tugging” and gurgling when you were breathing during the initial sedation and we almost had to cancel the procedure. Then you were sick afterwards when we got home and very fussy. You vomited until about 8pm when you fell asleep for the night. You were very disoriented and unsteady on your feet and crawling. You only had 2 sips of milk at about 5pm, then nothing until the next morning. The next morning you were still a little off from the sedation. You weren’t very stable and your eyes were having trouble focusing. Your appetite was decreased. We feel so bad having to put you through this, but it is necessary to make sure you are healing OK and not having anymore complications. I am sorry sweet boy. The second day after your MRI you were moving around better and finally your appetite came back. You are signing “night night” and “all done” now. When your dad asked for a hug, you snuggled into him and hugged him. This is the first time you gave a hug when asked.

10th Month Recovery Week4

Your physical therapist wants you to wear high top boots a couple times a day for a few hours with hopes of stabilizing your ankle. You are adjusting to them. They make it harder for you to get around. You got your first real haircut. Your hair looks super short to me. I miss your blonde surfer boy whisps. Guess we will have to let it grow out again.

10th Month Recovery Week5

You are adjusting to your high top shoes. You were walking like crazy, even kicking things out of your path. You are still unsteady and take some steps backwards but you are getting better. It was a beautiful 80 degree fall day, so I took you outside and showed you how to climb into your Cozy Coupe car. After I showed you once, you tried yourself by lifting your foot in. We were going to do PT on your pony, but it got dark early. Your dad was busy and I didn’t have anyone to lead Weatherby. When I went to feed the horse, you made a noise and handed me the helmet then pointed at Weatherby. So I set you up on him and we did some tilting exercises at a standstill.
Starting yesterday you have been trying to stand without holding onto anything. You straighten your legs from a crawl and push up with your arms making a bridge. You are getting more stable walking. You walked around the snack bar in the kitchen without help today. We still shadow you like crazy in case you fall. When you took your bedtime bath, I held up a fish and said “What does a fishy say?” And you made fish noises with your lips. The last few days you are really showing your temper. If we take something from you or set you down when you don’t want to be, you throw a fit with giant tears. For the past week you have been blowing raspberries on my neck and laughing. You also like to crane your neck around when I am holding you and stick your face in mine. You do this when I am talking to somebody else or looking at something. I think it is your way to get my attention.

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