Author: Liam's Mother

Tenth Month Home

10th Month Recovery Week1: You are getting better at your walking attempts. Sometimes you almost walk in a circle trying to get your balance and bearings. When your teacher, was here, you walked about 5 perfect steps from the coffee

Nineth Month Home

9th Month Recovery Week1 I took a few days off of work right after you came home from the hospital to transition.  Your dad and I were a nervous wreck worrying about you falling or bumping your head.  It was

Eigth Month Home

  Your eight month post recovery started out strong.  You started to hands/knees crawl, keeping your stomach up off the floor (also known as creeping).  You learned how to side step around the corners of the coffee table both to

Seventh Month Home

As most of you know these logs are not current happenings for Liam. We are trying to post a complete recovery timeline for him in effort to help those who may be entering this same path that we have tread

Sixth Month Home

    Month 6 Week 1 You are getting around pretty good with a combination of a couple of army crawl steps, rolls and pivots, although you find pivoting and rolling easier and quicker.  We are trying to keep you from

Fifth Month Home

More and more therapy this month with your PT, OT and teacher.   You are starting to drink from your sippy cup better.  You actually are sucking on it instead of just chewing on it.  You picked up some cheese sandwich

Fourth Month Home

  Summary of Liam’s 4th month home from the hospital: This month Liam worked super hard in therapy to strengthen himself by doing belly, sitting, and standing exercises. He is working hard to strengthen and regain control of every muscle

Third Month Home

3rd Month Week 1: This week when we are doing your “sit-ups” (exercises to help you pull to sit that we have been doing for the past 2 months) you are starting to help by engaging your muscles.  We have

Second Month Home

2nd Month Week 1: You finally opened your Christmas presents at the prompting of your big brother.   Well actually he mostly opened them and you got to play with them.    We are working hard in PT to learn protective fall

First Month Home

Sorry I am slow at getting these updates out.  The last few days have been busy and Liam isn’t sleeping very well at night.  Children with TBIs don’t always sleep very well.  We have some good nights and some not